Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Questions With Beata Henrichs-Lieb - Founder of HEDGEHOUSE


With all this snow in the Midwest I'm dreaming of a day at the beach with a HEDGEHOUSE THROWBED from their new SS 15 collection. If you aren't familiar with HEDGEHOUSE let me introduce you to this lifestyle brand founded by Beata Henrichs-Lieb. The company is known for their amazing THROWBEDS which are a cross between a mattress and pouf. The best part is they are light enough to take on the go with a chic tote bag for an afternoon at the beach or a sleepover. 

I was thrilled to ask Beata Henrichs-Lieb a few questions about HEDGEHOUSE and what inspired her to create the brand.

1. Who inspired you to create HEDGEHOUSE?
My biggest influence has always been Diane Von Furstenberg. Growing up with DVF, Tatiana + Alex  and being like a 3rd child of hers in my formative years has left a lasting impression on me as a person, artist and designer. HEDGEHOUSE is very much a reflection of my relationship with her and her family and all the fun we had together.

2. What career advice would you give someone looking to start their own business?
I can speak to people looking to make products. My advice would be to start with one product that is unique but still relevant to the world we live in now. Draw from the past and keep it simple. Don't get ahead of yourself and spend your money on photography! 

3. What influences your work?
Two things. Locations and destination. Fantastic places in the world I would like to go and Fashion. I look to the runway a lot to get my ideas. 

4. Describe the new Spring/Summer '15 line?
We have three new collections that represent different parts of the world 2015 is all about:
Harbour Island 

5. What is your favorite product you create and why?
The THROWBED! Naturally.
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  1. Great post! I didn't know this brand before, and now I love it!


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