Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5 Ways to Stay Productive

With this warm weather all I want to do is be outside and forget about my to-do list. To stay motivated this summer I'm sharing my top 5 ways that I've found to stay more productive despite wanting to camp out at the pool. 

Here are my top 5 ways to stay productive:

1. Focus on the finish line
The race to the finish line becomes a little more clear when you set attainable goals. Make sure you're realistic about what you're trying to achieve and make small steps to cross that task off your list. Putting a task in perspective can really help you complete it faster.

2. Get active
If you feel like your mind is all over the place and you just can't focus head outside or to the gym. Taking an hour to be active with a run, yoga or swimming can keep you more focused and productive throughout the day. 

3. Say Goodbye Facebook
At least for a few hours turn off all social media (yes, you will survive without checking your phone).  It's amazing how many minutes or hours we spend each day on social media so taking a break can help you focus on other tasks.

4. Clean up your desk 
A neat and tidy desk can actually make you more productive. Random papers and clutter can really make it hard to focus on your tasks. So take a few minutes to clear off your desk and you'll find it's easier to cross off your to-do list. 

5. Write down your to-do list
Speaking of to-do lists try writing down your list instead of doing it digitally or in your head. Actually writing it down so you can see it and physically cross off the task makes it a little more rewarding to complete your tasks. 




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