Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Everyday Style with Swarovski

"Don't save things for a special occasion. Every day of your life is a special occasion." - Thomas S. Monson. Do you ever find yourself saving an amazing dress or piece of jewelry for a special day or far off event? I have this tendency to think I can't wear something without a purpose, but let's face it every day of my life should be treated like a special occasion. This necklace and bracelet from Swarovski would be gorgeous with a LBD, but it also looks amazing mixed with my every day style. 

Swarovski, Jewelry, Style

Swarovski's latest Fall collection was designed with the stylish Miranda Kerr to create a collection that's timeless and contemporary. The Diapason Bangle is the perfect piece to add a little sparkle and glamour to an outfit. The best part is the bracelet can be easily adjusted which can be hard to find in a bangle.  

Swarovski, Jewelry, Style, Fashion
Swarovski, Fashion, Style

How gorgeous is this Diapason All-around V Necklace? This necklace makes a statement with bright crystals in a beautiful design. It's the ideal necklace for a fancy date night or with denim shorts and a button down white shirt. The key is to stop saving something for a rainy day or a special occasion. It's time to wear that gorgeous dress in the back of your closet or the sparkly jewelry still sitting in the box.

Swarovski, Style, Jewelry, Fashion
Swarovski, Style, Fashion, Jewelry
Shirt: Banana Republic / Shorts: H&M / Shoes: Schutz / Bag: See by Chloe / Bracelet: Swarovski c/o / Necklace: Swarovski c/o

Photo Credit: Kelli E.




  1. I love this look and that you paired with the bling! That quote is so good too and one that I need to remember! :)


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