Friday, July 10, 2015

Party Favors

Party Favors, Quote, Project Soiree. Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so thrilled it's finally the weekend and vacation starts tomorrow. I'm taking a little blog break next week to unplug and re-charge and just enjoy time with family. You can follow along on Instagram

Here are 10 links I loved this week:

3. Carry-on packing list (To Vogue Or Bust)

4. Summer entertaining ideas (The Sparkle)

5. Copper decor inspiration (Bicyclette Boutique)

6. 15 non-edible uses for coconut oil (Apartment Therapy)

9. Lipstick clutch (Ann Howell Art)

10. Anchor notepad (Linda & Harriett)

And a few things you may have missed...



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