Tuesday, July 21, 2015

5 Things I Learned On Vacation

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I'm back! After a week in northern Michigan hiking, kayaking, wine tasting and spending time with family I'm feeling rested and ready to jump back in the blogging game. I'll fill you in on some highlights from the week, but I wanted to share a five things I learned from a week away.
Here are 5 things I learned on vacation:

1. Being unplugged kept me plugged into what matters most
I think Anne Lamott says it best "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes...including you. Taking a moment to enjoy the people and places around me instead of through a phone was liberating and necessary for taking a little break. 

2. I uncovered the secret to sleeping in
Did you know I haven't been able to sleep in past 8AM for the past five years? I seem to have this internal alarm clock that wakes me up between 6:30-7AM, but last week was a different story. I didn't keep my phone next to my bed, didn't turn on any noises for distraction and I slept in past 8AM. 

3. I gained a deeper appreciation for nature
This may sound a little cliche, but I really did gain a deeper appreciation for my surroundings and cherished each view of Lake Michigan and sunset. It was amazing to be in a place that made me forget about the little things and focus on what's around me.

4. Spending time with family is a blessing
A week with your family might sound a little daunting and I won't deny we had a few disagreements, but it also strengthened our relationships. When you're around each other all the time you have moments of joy, tears, prayers, frustrations and laughs that can only be described as a blessing. 

5. I found a sense of creativity 
A week away gave me a deeper sense of creativity that was influenced by my surroundings and a quiet mental break. I'm feeling really refreshed and ready to share some new insights. 



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