Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Olive Oil Tasting with Nudo Italia

Nudo Italia Olive Oil Tasting

Are you looking for a quick and easy Thanksgiving appetizer? Why not try an olive oil tasting with your friends and family? Three types of olive oil paired with fresh ciabatta bread and a small cheese board is the perfect appetizer that doesn't require any cooking and won't fill up your guests (a win/win on Thanksgiving).

Nudo Italia Olive Oil Tasting

Jason Gibbs and Cathy Rogers created Nudo Italia olive oil in 2005 after buying and restoring an abandoned 21 acre olive grove in Italy's Le Marche. The love of simple and natural foods is the starting point for Nudo products and each product is made from locally sourced ingredients. They also started their now famous adopt an olive tree program which allows people from all over the world to adopt an Italian olive tree and receive its oil (so cool). 

Nudo Italia Olive Oil Tasting

What I really enjoy about Nudo olive oil is the freshness, variety of flavors and the brilliant packaging. I chose the basil, lemon and garlic olive oils for a trio of tastings for my guests to enjoy with fresh ciabatta bread, olives and cheese. The favorite of the night was the stone ground garlic that had the perfect hint of fresh Italian garlic without overpowering the oil. Using this garlic olive oil on pasta dishes, roasted potatoes or vegetables would be extremely delicious. I'm also excited to try the basil olive oil in a salad dressing, and the lemon olive oil on roasted salmon. 

Nudo Italia Olive Oil Tasting

For more information on Nudo olive oil or additional flavors and products check out their website. These olive oil tins would be a great gift during the holidays!



This post was sponsored by Nudo Italia, but as always all opinions are my own.

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