Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: For Pets

Today's gift guide is all about your pets because let's be honest they need a little something on Christmas morning. A fun toy or some tasty treats are the perfect Christmas gift for your four-legged friends. For more pet-related gifts check out my Pinterest board!

C.Wonder pet bowl / Trixie + Peanut catnip donut toy / Barkbox / Harry Barker dog treats / Harry Barker dog toy / Land of Paws travel dishes / Kiehl's conditioning rinse / Ollydog Ollybottle / C.Wonder dog collar / Mungo & Maud cat bed / Petswag bandana / Zoomies pet carrier / Mungo & Maud dog toy / Muttropolis dog toy / Charles Fradin pillow bed / Aesop cleanser / Best in Park coat / Muttropolis champagne dog toy

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