Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fab 5: Christmas Traditions

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1. Watching I'll Be Home For Christmas
I can still remember seeing I'll Be Home For Christmas in the theater with my girlfriends back in the 90's when every girl was in love with JTT. Since then my friend Cassie and I have made it a tradition to watch this movie together when we're home for Christmas. The sad and amazing thing is we probably know all the lines to the joke.

2. Eating Burgers/Veggie Burgers
When I was really young my mom asked my sister and I what we wanted for Christmas dinner and we both replied "burgers on the grill!" My mom thought it was hilarious and ever since then it's our Christmas tradition to make burgers (or now veggie burgers since my sister and I are vegetarians) for our Christmas dinner complete with onion rings and french fries.

3. Decorating Sugar Cookies
My sugar cookies never look as pretty as the ones above but it's the thought that counts right? I love spending an afternoon in the kitchen with my mom and sister rolling out the dough, listening to Christmas music and getting creative with our decorations.

4. ZooLights
Visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo during the holidays is a must if you live in Chicago. It's fun walk around at night and see the zoo decked out in Christmas lights and music.

5. Macy's Windows
The Macy's windows are a classic during the holiday season in Chicago. I love reading the stories and seeing the kids faces light up as they walk by each window.  



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