Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mad for Men's Fashion

I don't usually feature men's fashion on Project Soiree, but I'm mad for the sleek and stylish ties from Skinny Tie Madness. Skinny ties are a sleek upgrade from your usual ties and with quality materials and edgy styles you honestly can't go wrong. 


My brother-in-law is rocking the striped chambray Vodka Breath skinny tie that adds a classy yet clean element to his outfit. The best part about Skinny Tie Madness is they offer a wide variety of ties that come in trendy yet classic colors and patterns. You'll also love to know they are having a massive sale right now so you can stock up on some of your favorite styles.  

Also, in case you didn't know I'm going to be an aunt next month (I'm really excited). My sister and brother-in-law are sharing their story next week so stay tuned! 




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