Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Thoughts for 2016

Goals, New Year
A new year means a new set of goals. This year is already shaping up to be amazing with a new house, a trip planned to Paris and my 30th birthday just around the corner. So here are a few thoughts I have for 2016 that I hope inspire you to make this your best year yet. 

1. Take Risks
You hear this a thousand times to "take risks" and trust me it's not easy. But, a new year means endless opportunities and experiences that can take you to the next level of accomplishing your dreams. Take a new class, travel to a new country, start a new business...just try something new. Tip toe if you have to but at least take that first step and see where it takes you this year. 

2. Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say
This phrase was a favorite a few years ago, but I'm bringing it back again. Be open, be honest and be true to yourself in what you say.  It's just that simple. 

3. Say Yes!
Don't deny those opportunities to simply grab coffee with a friend, network at an event or volunteer at a local food shelter. Say yes to new experiences and make time to connect with those you love. This is what life is all about.  

4. Think Big
Take some time to learn something new, read books and think bigger. I have been trying to learn something new each day and challenging myself to think outside the box. So open a new book and see where it takes you. 

5. Value Relationships
The one takeaway I have from last year is to value the relationships I have with friends and family. Be thankful for the time you spend with your family and dig deep into your relationships with friends or a significant other. Life is better because of the people you surround yourself with so choose wisely and hang on tight. 



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