Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fab 5: Weekend Recap in Grand Rapids

As I mentioned earlier I spent the holiday weekend in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI visiting a few of my favorite places. Here are 5 highlights from the weekend:

1. Since Grand Rapids was recently named Beer City USA visiting a few local breweries is a must. A stop at Saugatuck Brewing Company hit the spot for dinner and a refreshing beer after a long drive from the city on Friday. After an afternoon shopping in Holland on Sunday grabbing a beer and some red pepper hummus on the patio at New Holland Brewing Company was a perfect way to relax and enjoy the weather. Later that night we made an appearance at Hopcat to try their spicy Jerk beer....quite interesting and highly recommended if you want to try something a little different.

2. Even though Yesterdog still brings back memories of my crazy college days walking in at 2AM for hot dogs this place will always be on my go-to list. And yes Chicago readers that's ketchup you see right there. Don't try to sell me on Chicago hot dogs because Yesterdog is the only place that does it for me.

3. When someone asks me what my favorite restaurant in Grand Rapids is I always say Mangiamo!. The food never disappoints but more than that this place holds so many memories of endless happy hours with friends after work, walking over at least once or twice a week from our condo on Fitzhugh, celebrating birthdays, getting a phone call on the patio that I got the job in Chicago and screaming with Abby, and games on the lawn during the summer. Every time I come home a stop at Mangiamo! is required. 

 4. You'll probably think I'm slightly crazy for this one, but a stop at Parini's/London's/Breton Village Cone Shop (no one really knows what it's called) is a must when I'm home during the summer. Since this was the closest ice cream shop in my neighborhood I would walk over with my friends and family almost every night during the summer. And my favorite part is they always have crushed M&M's...and yes that's a big deal. Not many places serve these (opting for mini M&M's or just the regular M&M's) and this really is the best thing ever on ice cream.

5. Last (but not least) coming home to Grand Rapids means spending time with friends and family. We welcomed summer with s'mores (my absolute favorite) in the backyard while trying avoid mosquitoes (summer at its best). Kelli and I had to take a drive around Grand Rapids in Lola while rocking out to some of our favorite boy bands and avoiding the stares of passing drivers. And a walk around Reeds Lake with a good friend from New York was the perfect way to catch up while watching a sailboat regatta and soaking up some sun.




  1. Hang on, where did you go to college? We went to Calvin... and lived quite close to Breton Village a couple of years. So I have some fond memories of some of these places too - a fun little tour. When I can drink again, I need to get to these breweries - I of course know New Holland, in my home town!

  2. I love this little guide and Yesterdog looks like ma kinda place. Awesome!


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