Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fab 5: Things I Can't Live Without

I'm a pretty easy going person, but there are a few things I just can't live without. If you come to my apartment these are the things you will see lying around...

1. I'm literally obsessed with the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment balms. The Rose color has the perfect tint so I keep one on my dresser and in my purse at all times. 
2.  Sparkling water is a must have so La Croix are always stocked in my refrigerator. For my sister and I a straw is also necessary.
3. Obviously Trader Joes is my go-to stop for wine and this La Granja blend is a small step up from the two buck chuck at $3.99.
4. A box of chocolate Teddy Grahams will always be found in my pantry. A freshly opened box is my weakness...
5. I'm cold 99% of the time so I can't live without my down throw while sitting in my apartment.




  1. The teddy Graham's crack me up! I haven't had any in years.

    Side note, as a fellow sparkling water devotee, I invested in a soda stream a few months ago and it's been life changing! It's definitely worth it.

  2. Yes Miranda I too had it many hear back also same about La Granja. xo
    - Vinnie

  3. I am drinking a La Croix as I read this - great minds think alike.


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