Monday, April 22, 2013

What I'm Reading Now: The Dinner

This month my book club picked The Dinner as our next read. The book follows two couples that meet at a fashionable restaurant for dinner where the conversation starts as a polite banter but with each new course the conversation takes a turn. Each couple has a 15 year old son and the two boys are united by a single horrific act. When the topic of conversation turns to their two boys the reader is left to see how far one will go to protect those they love and how we might react in the face of tragedy.

I'm just starting this book and already I can see how it's received mixed reviews. The characters are slightly underdeveloped and difficult to like which makes it hard to read in my opinion. I've heard the story line gets pretty suspenseful so I'm excited to keep reading and watch the story unfold.



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  1. the movie is so good! carnage was one of my favorite movies i saw last year :)


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