Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weekly Pick: Jumping on the Jumpsuit Trend

At 5'10 I never really thought I could pull off the jumpsuit trend, but this find from Target proved me wrong. What I love about this fashion piece is the ease and versatility to dress it up for my birthday dinner at the Heritage Restaurant in Grand Rapids or dress it down for a weekend running errands around town. Take note however that I wouldn't recommend a jumpsuit (for functional purposes) if you're planning an afternoon wine tasting or a beer crawl with your friends...

If you saw my outfit post last week you might notice I embraced my roots (sort of) by going blonde and shaved off a few inches. Thanks Capelli!

A big thank you to my little sis for running around downtown GR and snapping these photos. Love ya!

Jumpsuit: Target / Sunglasses: H&M (Similar Style Here)./ Heels: Gap (Similar Style:Here) / Bag: VJSTYLE




  1. Cute! I do think jumpsuits are surprisingly versatile and flattering on a variety of body types actually.


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