Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekly Pick: 20 Liters

This month I'm giving back to 20 Liters which is an organization that provides clean water to residents in Masaka, Rwanda. In June of 2008 a cholera outbreak caused over 500 people to die due to contaminated water in the area, and from that moment 20 Liters has set out to make clean water a reality for some of the most vulnerable members of the Masaka community. 20 Liters works closely with World Relief Rwanda to leverage their expertise at mobilizing local churches to bring change and empower local church members to make a difference in their communities through the installation of household water filters and rainwater harvesting systems. As of 2012, 20 Liters has provided clean water for over 14,080 people in Masaka, Rwanda and they are now beginning to expand into 4 new regions of Rwanda.

For more information about the filters used in Rwanda check out this video and visit their website. Donating $20 to 20 Liters will create access to clean water for one person for up to 10 years....pretty awesome.



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