Monday, January 14, 2013

What I'm Reading Now: The New York Times - The End of Courtship?

I love lazy Sunday's reading the Chicago Tribune and New York Times, and when I came across this article The End of Courtship? in the New York Times I thought I would share it with you. I think we can all agree the dating culture for the millennial generation is a completely different landscape compared to the days of our dating parents. We live our lives surrounded by endless forms of technology to communicate with our friends and family and to "Facebook Stalk" the hot guy in your Business class. We go through college with the "hookup culture" mentality, but what happens when you reach the real world? The traditional courtship approach of calling someone is almost non-existent with texting, emailing, and Facebook doing all the work for us. In addition the recession and changing gender roles are also playing a role on the end courtship today.

So do we need to bring back some elements of courtship or are you ok with our dating culture today?

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  1. I often worry about what it is going to be like when my boys grow up. I hope people still talk to each other then!

  2. Yes, this is a bug shame I think. Despite being a blogger and social media manager, I still wish that I didnt have so many ways of checking up on guys. It's like a full-time job in itself and enough to send you crazy! So - he didn't text back but he was on Facebook 10mins ago, so he must have seen my IM... wahhhh! haha :)

  3. Great post! It's so true. I can't imagine dating someone in the age of Facebook, Twitter etc. Takes the personal touch away and I might be old school but that's needed.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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