Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weekly Pick: Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ

If you're searching for some amazing BBQ in downtown Chicago then head on over to Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ. This BBQ spot has all the things you love about American BBQ with a hint of Asian influence, and an extensive cocktail list to complete your meal.

Since I'm a vegetarian you might wonder why I loved this place so much, but the menu has something for everyone and I really enjoyed the Grilled Garden Salad with asian mixed greens, grilled vegetables, carrots and edamame tossed in a yuzu sesame vinaigrette. 

Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ is also rolling out a fun, new party on Saturday nights starting on January 5th called The ACE Country Club. You'll find a mashup of country & club music and fun culinary twists on a traditional "Country Club" menu with items such as Sriracha Pimento Cheese and Chocolate Covered Bacon. There will also be a Moonshine Mixologist on hand to create a fun cocktail called the “High Tea” which will include Dragon Ranch brand Moonshine, Sunda’s Hibiscus Tea, Dragonberry Bacardi, Lemongrass, amongst other intriguing ingredients served in your classic red party cups. Sounds like a good time right? The ACE Country Club will take place from 9 p.m. – 1 a.m. on Saturday nights starting January 5, 2013. For more information or to reserve a table, visit
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  1. I have been dying to try this place! I'm not a vegetarian but a serious vegetable lover and that salad looks amazing. Also very intrigued by the idea of country-club mashups :) -L


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