Monday, April 30, 2012

What I'm Reading Now: Fifty Shades of Grey

With all the recent media attention for Fifty Shades of Grey I just had to read this book to see what all the hype was about. The book follows literature student Anastasia Steele and her controlling relationship with a young and wealthy entrepreneur Christian Grey. Author E L James has admitted she's not a great writer and that's very apparent from her lack of character development and writing style. The book doesn't have a lot of real substance, but yet women across the country are devouring this book and putting it at the top of the Best Sellers list. Have you read this book yet? Will you be reading the second or third book?




  1. I heard about it, and I am not sure if I'll go for it. Is it as juicy and interesting as they want us to believe?

  2. I just started the 3rd book last night. Although I don't agree with a lot of what goes on in the books, I think I find it intriguing since I don't know much about the main topic of the book (I don't want to spoil anything). I agree with you on the substance thing -- I think women are just hanging on to it because, here again, its not something that people chat about on an everyday basis ha!

  3. I've read all three, I flew through them! I am a huge reader so I totally agree not a whole lot of substance..but a good story line throughout all three. I think they are a fun & easy read, although I did feel like I had to read them in the privacy of my home..keep reading! enjoy- Katie

  4. I wish I had actually looked it up before buying it because I kept seeing that people were reading it. The sexuality was just too much for me. It couldve been a main point of the story without being on every page. Overall I was very disappointed because I think the story itself could have been good, but it was so poorly written. Not reading the next two!

  5. I haven't read it yet, I have heard about it a few times and I'm receiving mixed reviews some people love it and others can't find the thrill, much like yourself. I guess it's one of those things that I have to experience for myself. I must admit the story line sounds intriguing enough however I know that it take far more then that to create a substantial story.

    Darling Bonnie

  6. oh gosh, i seriously have heard so much about this. i might just have to give it a read and get back to you!
    xo TJ

  7. i am currently 65% through it on my kindle (that kindle keeps the best secrets) and i agree the writing is not strong at all, good for her to admit it. however the sex scenes are very well written and intense.

    i will of course be reading the other books :)


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