Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Chicago Dining Wish List 2012

The great thing about living in a big city is the endless amount of amazing dining destinations. Here are some of my picks that I hope to visit this year:
1. Girl & the Goat
Images 12345

Do you have any more recommendations? 



  1. I went to Maude's -- SO deelish. I also heard that Girl and the Goat is over rated...but maybe someone was upset they couldn't get in haha. I would suggest Maude's as a date resto -- very dark and romantic.

  2. Those all look delish! I agree with you- living in a big city makes eating out such a treat. I hope you get to try them all this year!



  3. Oooh...no recs, but now I want to visit and go to all of those too! :)

  4. I have never been in Chicago minus a trip to the airport but I have always wanted to go and just eat. So this blog post is perfect for me!

  5. Great list! I would say make your Girl and the Goat reservation now. I tried reserving for a table late February in December and it was booked up since it was a Saturday. Crazy!!!! I have to say that Publican is also one of my faves, but some I would also recommend are Davanti Enoteca, Public House, Mastros and Maude's.

  6. Ive never been to Chicago but it seems great! These places look so nice!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. Sara! Love the checklist! My boyfriend and I are obsessed with trying restaurants around the city. We've been to Girl & The Goat a few times now. I loved it! But, their dishes can be a bit salty, so drink plenty of water. And, make your reservation NOW. To add to the list? Japonais, Geja's Cafe, MK and Gemini Bistro. Those are just a few of my recent favorites :)

    Best, Jennifer Straub

  8. Jennifer- Thank you so much for the recommendations! I'll make my reservation for Girl & the Goat ASAP, and i've been dying to go to Geja's Cafe and Gemini. Hopefully see you soon!

  9. Thanks for sharing doll! I've been to Chicago a couple times but never to these places. Now that I'm moving there in a couple of weeks I can't wait to try these.



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