Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fab 5: Chicago Cupcakes

I've developed a serious crush on cupcakes ever since I moved to Chicago, and I think I've tried just about every cupcake here in the city (no joke). That being said, here are my absolute favorite Chicago cupcakes for you to try:





1. Sprinkles cupcakes may have started in Beverly Hills, but they are a huge hit here in the midwest. Best known for their moist red velvet cupcake with the signature red dot sprinkle they make it irresistible to have just one. My pick is the black and white cupcake with a delicious dark chocolate cake and creamy vanilla frosting. 

2. If you're serious about your frosting head over to Sugar Bliss. The pure chocolate cupcake is my favorite with a seriously rich chocolate cake and yummy frosting. They also make cute bite sized cupcakes if your waistline needs a break. 

3. Who wouldn't love to sit on a swing and eat a cupcake? At Molly's Cupcakes you can do both. The cake and frosting are both to die for, and what's great is that you can test your creative skills by creating your own cupcake. After it's made you can visit the sprinkle station and dress it up since no cupcake is complete without sprinkles on top. 

4. The Cupcake Counter does cupcakes right. The small bakery, located in the loop, is like finding a diamond in the rough. You won't be disappointed with the freshness of these cupcakes and the perfect sweetness of the frosting.

5. Yes the picture is correct. They actually have a cupcake size chart at Crumbs. Whether you're looking for a little pick-me-up or to replace a meal, Crumbs has you covered. Amazingly tasty cupcakes with smooth frosting will leave you completely satisfied. My fav is the carrot cake cupcake.



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